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Anonymous asked: "Do you have a personal?"

[[ I popped on here for an entirely different reason. But yes. Yes I do.

For anyone curious my personal blog is there. 

Also as a sidenote this blog is actually moving? Same Theta (albeit apparently cheerful again), just over here and Firebug ]]

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koscheiandinthebeginning asked: "..C'mon, let's go in. I'm not carrying you when you pass out because you're too stubborn to ask."

[He pouts, but nods in silent agreement]


[But there’s a gentle tugging on Koschei’s sleeve hoping to hurry him along]

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Anonymous asked: "Someone, somewhere really likes your blog, and they want you to know it! This is the anonymous revolution! If you want to take part just send this message to the blogs you love. It's a little thing that will brighten their day, and hopefully make up for all the anon hate that is everywhere on tumblr. If you love someone's blog, spread the word. One message at a time we can make tumblr a kinder place."

[[ I..

Actually really needed this tonight. For so many reasons. And I don’t… deserve this at all and I’ve got so many reasons to back off this account but I just…

Right no emotional ranting at the anons Evie.

Thank you. You are a beautiful soul and I hope the universe treats you kindly. <3 You’ve made my night a bit brighter. And that is an incredible gift. ]]

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placeholderurlforreasons asked: "[Text] Since you disappeared off the face of the planet? And the rest of the universe for that matter [Text] Correction. I hate humans. [Text] That's what I told him, but I'm assuming you aren't anymore..."

[Text] I didn’t disappear off the face of the planet

[Text] Or the rest of the universe

[Text] Or anything I’m on Gallifrey 

[Text] Humans are awesome and hey you went to one for help not me

[Text] I can get down there pretty easily 

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koscheiandinthebeginning asked: "You don't seem fine. You shouldn't lie to your friends."

[He reaches out, grabs the fabric of Ko’s coat and frowns defiantly. He was not going to admit anything. It could kill him first.]

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